Types of Indoor Lighting for Your Commercial Setup

Setting up a commercial space can be a tricky decision; indoor lighting plays a vital role in setting the right ambience, enhancing productivity, & displaying your products or services. With several options available at OZ Lights; it's essential to choose the right type of indoor lighting to suit your specific needs and choices. 

How Indoor lights can light up an interior space -

1. Indoor lights illuminate dark corners, making the space feel larger and more charismatic.

2. They highlight architectural features like artwork, & decor, adding visual interest.

3. Different types of lighting; like pendant lights and chandeliers, create the right ambience & set the mood.

4. Proper lightings enhance productivity & overall atmosphere.

Whether you're designing a retail store, office space, or your new cafe, below are the five types of indoor lighting to choose for your commercial setup:

Pendant Lights:

Pendant lights are an elegant & versatile option for illuminating different sections of your commercial space. These hanging fixtures come in various shapes, sizes, & designs; allowing you to tailor the look & feel of your space. Whether you're looking to create a modern and commercial vibe, or, add a touch of sophistication; pendant lights can be smoothly placed above reception desks, dining areas, or retail displays to provide both ambient and task lighting.

Cabinet Lights:

You can illuminate your products or merchandise with cabinet lights; which are specially designed to feature display cabinets, shelves, or showcases. These lights come in various forms; including strip lights, puck lights, or recessed fixtures; and can be installed inside cabinets or along the edges to emphasise your merchandise and draw attention to key items. Whether you're showcasing retail products or artwork; cabinet lights can help enhance visibility & create a visually appealing display.


Add a touch of sophistication & elegance to your commercial space with chandeliers. These statement-making fixtures are often associated with luxury & glory, making them a subtle choice for upscale retail stores, hotels, or restaurants. These beautiful chandeliers come in a wide range of styles; from classic crystal designs to modern, minimalistic illustrations; allowing you to choose a design that complements your aesthetic & glorifies the ambience of your space.


Downlights; also known as recessed lighting or can lights, offer a sleek & smooth lighting solution for a commercial place. These fixtures are installed flush with the ceiling, providing a clean and minimalistic look while delivering focused illumination to specific areas. Downlights are commonly used in offices, corridors, or conference rooms to provide task lighting or feature architectural features. They can also be used in retail stores to feature product displays & boards.

Spot Lights:

Spotlights are a versatile lighting option for highlighting specific focal points or features within your commercial space. These adjustable lightings allow you to direct light precisely where it's needed, whether it's illuminating artwork, signage, or architectural details. Spotlights come in various configurations; including track lighting systems, wall-mounted fixtures, or floor lamps, offering flexibility in terms of placement & customisation.

When choosing indoor lighting for your commercial setup; consider factors such as the size and design of your space, the intended use of each area, & the overall aesthetic you wish to achieve. Additionally; don't forget to visit online lighting stores for a wide selection of fixtures, styles, & price points to suit your budget & choices. Whether you're looking for industrial indoor lighting for a warehouse conversion or contemporary fixtures for a modern office space; there's a lighting solution out there to meet your conditions.

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