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Oyster ceiling lights have continually triumphed as a smooth and low-cost alternative for lighting in the house, despite the fact that there are hundreds of various lighting options and designs. Because they are mounted or directly affixed to the ceiling, oyster lights are known by that name. Oyster ceiling lights, also known as surface mounts, flush mounts, or ceiling lights, are a perfect option for houses with low ceilings and may be installed in any area of your house.

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But how can you tell whether you've picked the right surface led oyster lights for your space? Here's some professional advice from OZ Lights Direct on choosing the right LED oyster lights. 

Oyster lights are both energy- and money-saving, and they may be used in every part of the house. Oyster lights are so named because they are fastened or mounted directly to the ceiling. When it comes to providing lighting in houses with low ceilings, they are an excellent option.


1. LED - OZ lighting direct usually recommends LED oyster lights – they're a wonderful alternative since they're energy efficient, which means they last considerably longer and save money on power costs.

2. Lumens - Lumens are a unit of measurement that determines the brightness of your light and, as a result, the brightness of your space. We recommend a minimum of 2500 lumens (30–40w) for LED oysters in a standard-sized room. Use an LED oyster with roughly 1500 lumens (15–20w) if you have a tiny bedroom (3 x 3m).

3. Dimmable – You have a lot of options when it comes to employing high-quality dimmers to produce a slimline design. For added brightness, OZ Lights Direct always suggests a dimmable oyster light.

We offer excellent selections for you if you're searching for a fantastic selection of oyster lights and you want them to have a lot of style. You want lights that function for you and that will also be aesthetically pleasant to you and your guests for years to come since the lighting you choose may tell a lot about your house and your particular preferences. Oyster lights are excellent options since they are often extremely simple but you can also find some with patterns and other forms that may fit better in your environment. Get the best oyster lights online today from OZ Lights Direct. 

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