Glow Your Outdoor Spaces with Alluring Garden Lights from OZ Lights Direct

Outdoor lighting is crucial in forming a warm and inviting atmosphere in your garden space. At OZ Lights Direct, we offer a wide range of garden lights to transform your outdoor area into a stunning oasis. 

From active pathway lights to decorative accents, our collection of garden lights is designed to improve the beauty and aura of your outdoor living spaces.

When it comes to outdoor lighting, our selection of garden lights caters to all your outdoor lighting needs. Whether you want to decorate your garden path, our garden lights provide the perfect solution.

Prepared with durability and weather resistance in mind, our garden lights are built to defy the elements and deliver long-lasting performance. From sturdy and waterproof materials to energy-efficient LED technology, our garden lights are crafted to supply reliable lighting year-round while undervaluing energy consumption.

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80.10 80.10000000000001 AUD
1,425.30 1425.3 AUD
1,695.80 1695.8 AUD
1,302.70 1302.7 AUD
1,069.60 1069.6 AUD
1,341.70 1341.7 AUD
1,521.30 1521.3 AUD
192.90 192.9 AUD
230.90 230.9 AUD
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1,028.80 1028.8 AUD