About us

About Oz Lights Direct

We are a 100% Australian owned business operating in Victoria with all stock shipped from various warehouses around Australia.

Our business mantra is simple

To design and distribute decorative lighting that brings life to commercial and residential spaces.

Our core business

Our business is both store and online-based but we have many things that set us apart from other lighting retailers:

  • Super competitive and flexible pricing model
  • Quality control of lights as we oversee the entire design collections
  • Customer service oriented approach – we’re not happy unless you are!

With over five years of experience building a reputation for high quality, brilliant value and our flexibility to accommodate small runs of custom-designed lighting, we’re passionate about bringing the modern and the beautiful together to create lights that perfectly match your space and style. Our footprints are now across Australia and around the world in both retail and customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re looking to illuminate an office, studio or showroom or bring a warm, modern feel to your bedroom or living space,  OZ LIGHTS DIRECT  provides a comprehensive range of contemporary classics. Our designs are creative and original – our prices are the most competitive on the market today.


At Oz Lights Direct we only use top quality products from recognized brands. We only sell unique and boutique designs which makes us different from the competition. When you buy from us be assured that you're getting a signature design made from quality materials.

Years of experience

The staff at Oz Lights Direct have years of experience in the field so you can rest easy knowing that we will always give you the best advise.

Friendly service

At Oz Lights Direct we truly have a passion in interior design, if you're having trouble deciding on what will look best don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff to help in choosing the perfect light for your space.