Spike up your garden this summer with the best Garden Spike Lights

You can always count on natural light to significantly alter interior design when summer time arrives. What about your garden, though? Even though you might not have spent much time outside during the winter, nice weather calls for outdoor events. It follows that you might want to think about external lights.

There are many different options for outdoor lighting if you browse our catalog! However, there are more adaptable choices available if you don’t want to install permanent wall lights, for instance. Have you ever thought about using garden spike lights, for instance? 

Exterior LED Spike lighting is available in a wide range of sizes and designs. There are traditional ones, ones that are solar-powered, ones that are tall, and ones that are short. Regardless, a lot of people decide to spike their lights to aid improve the appearance of their outdoor spaces at night. Up next, we’ll go over all there is to know about exterior spike lights. Why might they be your greatest option for your garden and you? Which options are most likely to be beneficial to you? For the full scoop, continue reading.


Garden Spike Lighting: What Is It?

Garden Spike lighting is exactly what the name implies—lights that you can spike into the garden. To achieve a variety of effects, many individuals put exterior spike lights in the ground or around their pavers. Spiked installations, in contrast to conventional, fixed lighting solutions, can be set up practically anyplace. All they require is a solid foundation and a well-defined goal.

You might be surprised to learn that LED spiked lighting is getting more and more reasonably priced.

Effectively, garden spike lighting is yard lighting that is set up and ready to use when you are. If you have soft yet stable ground to use as a base, installing exterior spike lights won’t be difficult. Installation is a very minor concern, and they are highly adaptable.


Providing Direction

Exterior Spike lights are typically used to illuminate pathways or maintain signage in gardens and outdoor areas. When the sun sets, it is obviously more challenging to navigate the garden. Unless you already have some sort of lighting array built up and ready to go, of course.

Exterior Spike lights can be arranged in a variety of ways to help guide the way. To highlight your paths, you may design a truly stunning series of lights. The same design might be used to highlight the nearby trees and bushes. 

Of course, as we frequently point out, too much illumination can be harmful. If you don’t carefully distance your spikes and pods from one another, the room could become intensely bright. Therefore, carefully considering how to space your lights apart does pay off. Go sparse if you’re less concerned with illuminating a path and more interested in evenly dispersing lights throughout the garden.

On the market, there are various powerful LED spike lights. While many still believe that a spike light only emits a little amount of light or a brief beam, times have changed. Popular fixtures like our fantastic contemporary black garden spike light will aid in the spread of light.


Pay attention to other fittings

Be extremely cautious with any additional lamps and lights you have in place, just like with any lighting arrangement (indoor or outside). Despite the fact that gardens and yards might be rather big, it is relatively simple to produce an intense, all-over light wash. For instance, if you place exterior spike lights too close to wall lighting, the benefits of both will be negated.

Of course, the goal is to measure and plan. Spike lights for the garden allow you to make plans on the fly, which is fantastic news. They are portable and light enough to be scattered around the garden as you explore. Knowing how light will appear before seeing it in action is not always straightforward.

The angling and turning of their heads is a great way to integrate spike lighting with other bulbs and lamps. You can make sure that your spike light heads are pointed away from existing fixtures and adjust the effect by doing so. It’s also crucial to take beam angles into account with tones and temperatures, as we’ll see later.


Think about finishes and tones

For the majority of garden and outdoor lights, this is absolutely a general point. But it’s still important. Contrary to popular belief, spike lights don’t always come in plain black or silver. The tone and stylistic options have increased along with the market and demand throughout time.

It is advantageous to maintain an open mind about hues, finishes, and sheens. Your outdoor space’s appearance and ambiance can be altered by even the finish and material of your spike lights. Warm tones and glows are greatly coveted in the summer, as we’ve covered in earlier guides. This tone can be enhanced with LED spike lighting standards like our gorgeous outdoor ground adjustable spotlight in antique brass. This rich finish enhances the twilight glow at sunset in addition to looking wonderful throughout the day. Why not? Antique brass is becoming more and more popular with garden owners and designers.



Not everyone prefers exterior spike lights and ground-based illumination. It can be tempting to select one or two fixed or hanging lighting fixtures for the garden. However, choose this flexible standard if you anticipate changing things.

LED Spike lighting is available in a wide range of forms, colors, and aesthetics. Therefore, it could be worthwhile to peruse our entire collection to discover what immediately catches your eye. Now is the time to get ready because summer nights are likely to stimulate outdoor leisure everywhere.

You can still benefit from some outdoor lighting even when the sun is out for longer. Garden Spike lights should serve as a guide. Get the best range of exterior spike lights from our wide range of outdoor lights from OZ Lights.

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