Mounting Profile Aluminium w Opal Diffuser 100cm Q Line Mini Domus Lighting


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Introducing the Q-Line Mini mounting profile system. The Q-Line Mini is specifically designed for the Domus range of LED strip lighting. This aluminium mounting profile system incorporated extruded profile complete with a curved opal colour PMMA diffuser.

The key features of the Q-Line Mini is the ability to not only conceal the LED strip lighting but also keep the strip lighting linear. Also, the Q-Line Mini keeps LEDs free from foreign objects and vapours which may damage the LEDs. Another key point is in the mounting of this profile.

Specifically designed to be mounted against hard surfaces, under shelving or steps with the ability to focus the light on a 45 degree angle. Perfect for under kitchen cupboards, built-in wardrobes and stairs where angled on the working surface is needed.


Dimensions: Length 1000mm x Width 16mm x Height 16mm
Finish: Clear Anodised
Diffuser: Curved opal colour
Material: Extruded aluminium 6063
Installation: Surface mounted
Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

Weight 1 kg
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