LED Globe Bulb Lamp MONO Lens 6W MR16 IP20 60 Degree in 3K and 5K Domus Lighting


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The MONO lens MR16 or GU10 lamp is specifically designed as a replacement for your traditional halogen lamps. It’s as easy as removing the standard MR16 lamp and transformer and replacing it with the NEW MONO lens MR16 lamp and LED driver. The NEW Mono lens will look almost exactly the same as what you have just replaced.

The MONO MR16 or GU10 lamp incorporates the latest Sharp COB (Chip on board) LED which is then matched with a specifically designed heat sink to disburse heat away from the LED.

This is the perfect lamp for areas where light levels are not critical or where a high quality budget lamp is required.


Available Colour / lm: White (5000K) 380lm and Warm White (3000K) 350lm
Light quality (CRI): >83
Beam angle:60 deg
IP rating:IP20
Input Voltage:12V DC
Recommended Driver: DM1210
Dimmable: Yes, on most leading brands of dimmers
Operating Temp:20 deg to 65 deg
Special Notes:NOT to be used with standard halogen transformers
Available Globe Base: MR16 & GU10
For MR16: Height45mm, Diameter:49mm
For GU10: Height45mm, Diameter:49mm

Weight N/A
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