Chameleon-25 Power Data Repeater 1 Channel Domus Lighting


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The CHAMELEON-25 is a 1 channel high power data repeater.

The CHAMELEON-25 offers the ability to expand the signal strength generated by the master controller for dimming circuits. In situations where the load limit is exceeded or more that the limit set by the Master controller the CHAMELEON-25 is able to duplicate the signal without signal loss.

This means whether dimming via RF, 0-10V, DALI or DMX you can be assured that the dimming signal will always be stable thus avoiding the appearance of dim light over larger areas. Particularly useful where a single master controller is used to control large areas or multiple zones.

Order Code: 20134
Product Family: Chameleon
Length (mm): 150MM
Width (mm): 54MM
Height (mm): 31MM
Input Voltage: 12V-24V
Application: Data Repeater
Warranty Period: 3Y
Warranty Type: Replacement

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