Industrial Lighting

You’re most likely to see the styles labelled as industrial pendant lights Australia in a warehouse or cafe that has a more raw and rustic fit out. industrial Pendant Lights stand out just as much as they do on their own or as a collective.

Our recommendations: AEOLUS or ORION. If you’re looking for an even more elegant look, try our new GAIA or GELOS collection!

Our vintage industrial lighting Australia collection is also a great find for thoese wanting a vintage industrial look.

Industrial pendant lighting is all about making the most of the raw materials used in the light, and showing them off instead of disguising or concealing them. These industrial lighting materials are typically hardy and durable.

Some of the most common materials for industrial lights are concrete, glass, and metals like chrome, brass, copper, and steel. There are a number of features that are frequently found in industrial pendant lights . These include wire cages, mesh, chains, and handles. Whether you’re shopping for an industrial pendant light for your industrial bedroom, kitchen, dining area or any other part of your home, we can help.

Industrial lighting works in with a range of different design aesthetics. Industrial light fittings are at home in a converted warehouse apartment full of concrete and exposed brick, but they also work to add a contemporary edge to softer, classic styles, or make great feature pieces in minimalist spaces. The raw materials of industrial lights contrast dramatically with soft furnishings and paintwork, creating layers and texture in your home.

Imbue the rustic style of Industrial lighting anywhere in your space today with our affordable online range

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