How to use proper lighting in various parts of your home

Each element of our home is unique and distinct, and the lighting in those areas should be as well. We can’t have the same quantity of light in our study room as we have in our bedroom or dining room. Here is a simple guide to lighting various areas of your home with the necessary illumination as well as a particular touch to make each nook more appealing and inviting.

Lights for the Bedroom

For most of us, the bedroom serves as a multipurpose space. Aside from sleeping, many people use it to binge-watch online series, read, and even conduct work. A lamp, pendants, or wall sconces can be utilised to provide the needed light in your bedroom, depending on the activity. Tape lights and recessed lights are both excellent ways to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom. Many people like flush-mount lights because the light is positioned flush against the ceiling. The light bulbs with a stylish glass or plastic bowl-shaped cover are the most popular among them. Pendant lights, which dangle from the ceiling on a chain or a long rod, may make a large statement in your bedroom.


Choosing the ideal lighting for your bathroom is more difficult than you would think. You’ll want ample and direct light in your grooming section of the bathroom, but you’ll want to take your shower in low light to make it the most pleasant. For your grooming work, wall sconces on both sides of the mirror are ideal, or a bath bar can be another alternative depending on the size of the room; just make sure the light is directed over the mirror. The rest of the bathroom’s decor can rely on ambient lightings, such as recessed lighting, to provide a uniform and relaxing lighting effect.

Lighting in the Dining Room

A multi-light chandelier is ideal for distributing light evenly over a dining area. It has the ability to reduce dark shadow patches while also connecting individuals who are seated beneath it. Multiple glass globes are the better alternative for creating an environment that appeals to both your guests and a family member. It’s usually recommended to have a dining room lighting on dimmers to adjust the layer of lighting to exactly match low and dark lighting for a romantic supper or more light for a party or to satiate your guilty delight stomach. Table lamps and wall sconces may be used to offer accent lighting around your dining table, as well as in the multifunctional table that serves as a home bar.

Lighting in the Kitchen

For smooth kitchen work with shadow-free light, a brilliant task lighting beneath the kitchen cabinets and shelves is necessary. The current lighting option for adding more general light with flair is uplight from the top of the kitchen cabinet. Low-glare directional downlights are ideal for illuminating the inside of cupboards while they are open, as well as providing gentle reflected light. Glass-front cabinets may be illuminated with accent lighting such as recessed and adjustable light fittings to bring your luxury collections of glassware and other tableware into the forefront.

Living room

The lighting for the living room is determined by what your family enjoys doing in the living room. Reading, playing chess, having social events, or simply watching television may all be done with task lighting.

Because most living rooms are used to watch television with family, bias lighting can be employed to reduce glare. To reduce eye strain, bias lighting is used to place illumination behind the television.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting enhances the visual appeal of our homes while also contributing to their safety and security. By properly lighting the outdoor space to produce a landscape-like perspective, proper outdoor lighting may increase the value of the home.

Along with the outdoor LED light lights, select the ideal exterior light fittings. Hanging lights, wall lights, and posts are all excellent choices for providing ambient lighting to outdoor spaces. The job lights needed to be installed for safety and reliability including pathway lights and security lights. To obtain the accent lighting that may make your property appear more beautiful and hospitable, combine landscape kits with spotlights.

Interior lighting is about more than just lights; it’s about choosing the correct colours and putting the proper accessories in the right places to allow light to permeate the area where it’s required. Using lighting to add your own touch while still meeting the demands of your family is a more difficult challenge. At OZ Lights Direct, we pay attention to the smallest details with the goal of providing excellent health and great vibrations while constructing your dream home with the right lighting.

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